This annual tradition, which takes place on the Parliament passed an updated version of Bill C 13 in the early morning following a full day of negotiations between parties. The NDP and Conservatives had been highly opposed to certain sections of the initial legislation, which would have given Finance Minister Bill Morneau at least 19 months of extraordinary legislative powers rarely seen […]

Doing this allows you to really soak in a whole lot

On record, Kenya has reports of elephants being hurt and kille as they venture into what was once their feeding grounds by have now been settled by human populations. This technology helps both the elephants and people to protect everyone. Soon we hope to see the technology being used to protect all the endangered animals […]

“When I was younger, I wouldn’t say I was bullied,

George could easily be a model for AARP. Thin, fit and tan, with shock of “silver fox” gray hair and striking blue eyes, he is a vertical advertisement for health and vitality. But he doesn’t simply count on eating right and exercising. “My goal,” he said, “is for every stadium to be using only compostable […]

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Canberra is set for a major international conference next week when 350 delegates arrive from 31 countries for the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum, which starts on Monday. The forum has warned the delegates that weather this weekend is uncertain, and active fires are nearby. It has told them that smoke has had a serous effect […]